About Us

“Doctors Plus Group is a leading family healthcare clinic with fast developing network of medical centres / clinics in Alberta, Western Canada. Doctors Plus Group is a chain and under this umbrella to show a local presence in the community a local identity was given to individual medical centres / clinics as Ranchlands Medical Centre in Ranchlands Community, Rundle Medical Centre in Rundle Community, East Airdie Medical Centre in East Airdrie Community and so on. The Group has a strong presence in Calgary and Airdrie owning, operating and managing medical centres / clinics which are easily accessible and located in the communities, they sought to bring accessible healthcare to the patients in the communities, on both appointment and walk ins, extended hours basis.

Our patients can discover better medical care from a wide selection of family medicine clinics which are easily accessible from where they are located, and also from across a comprehensive range of specialist disciplines like Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Child Development, Psychological Wellness, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as offering appointments at some of our locations

Since inception in 2010 Doctors Plus has stayed committed to providing care that is accessible, high quality outpatient medical services and with positive outcomes to our patients. Patients recognize our dedication to consistently offer the highest quality healthcare and this has contributed primarily to the steady growth of our family medicine practice groups; comprising established chains such as Doctors Plus. Services at our family medicine clinics include general medical consultations, management of chronic medical conditions, health screening and preventive medicine. With a full range of medical and diagnostic services, we are able to meet most medical needs of our patients.”

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